Client Success Story - Thunder Road Guitars

Client Name: William York (Thunder Road Guitars) 
Property: 1639 NW Glisan Street

Thunder Road Guitars is an independently owned local business that thrives on selling used, vintage, and rare guitars and instruments, as well as amplifiers and a wide selection of pedals. With their lease expiration looming and having outgrown their current location, our client decided to purchase a building. Their requirement was to be within close proximity to their current Northwest Portland location to maintain their existing customer base and larger footprint to expand the storefront to include more space for inventory storage and office space.

The limited supply of small retail buildings for sale in the Northwest Portland neighborhood provided few choices to suit our client's needs. The opportunity to purchase a highly-visible landmark building in our client's price range presented itself with a few challenges to overcome.

During the closing Due Diligence process, the Phase I Environmental Study presented issues and required more samples than typical to satisfy the report. Therefore, in order to meet our client's timeline to close and the seller's objective of an equitable sale, Macadam Forbes negotiated the revision of the original terms of the purchase agreement to satisfy the changing cost and timeline picture. 

Additionally, Macadam Forbes assisted our client in procuring a more responsive and aggressive lender to achieve an expedited closing once the Environmental Study was satisfied and secured a 0% down payment loan product and a contractor to help with improvements to the building. So go and visit Thunder Road Guitars at their new location!