What Macadam Forbes is Thankful For

What Macadam Forbes is Thankful For

In reaching out to our brokers and asking what they are thankful for in commercial real estate, one would expect to hear answers awash with industry buzzwords. 2015 has been the year of record-breaking development as well a flurry of corporate growth making it a very good year to be a broker. It shouldn’t have been surprising that the overwhelming response is their clients. Todd Collins summed it up best:



Collins - Circle

I am thankful for my client loyalty and being seen as a trusted partner in their businesses.   I am thankful for the variety of clients and businesses that we are able to work with year after year. I am thankful for the freedom to pursue different opportunities in the marketplace.  I am thankful for the work environment at Macadam Forbes and our reputation in the marketplace.



Without our clients and their confidence in our expertise we wouldn’t be the company we are today and for that we are thankful. Here are a few of the other responses:




Mitchell - Circle

I’m thankful for every NNN Investment that comes on the market.

Brian Mitchell




Vandenbrink - Circle

I’m thankful Portland is a great place to live and do business.  It’s not perfect, but there’s a reason so many people are moving here.

Kevin VandenBrink




Curran - Circle

In no particular order, I am thankful for the following

  •  Spell check
  • Loose Fed policy which has left the market awash in cash and resulted in much higher real estate prices (apparently) without overleverage
  • Landlords that realize overbuilt office needs to be demo’d back to warehouse or it will remain forever vacant
  • Client loyalty

  – Joe Curran




Bertelsen - Circle

I am thankful out-of-state buyers realize the value of Portland real estate.

Kyle Bertelsen




Meaney - Circle

I’m thankful that Commercial Real Estate and Macadam Forbes has given me an (almost) 35-year career.

Ed Meaney




Aschoff - Circle

I am thankful for our clients and customers who continue to choose Macadam Forbes to represent them in commercial real estate needs.

Eleanor Aschoff